Commercial and corporate law

  • Corporate secretarial services
  • Mergers and acquisitions of companies
  • Advice on the adoption and drafting of corporate resolutions (capital increase, capital reduction, etc.) and structural modifications of capital companies (transformations, global transfers of assets and liabilities, etc.).
  • Advising on the process of separation and exclusion of partners
  • Partnership agreements and family protocols
  • Commercial contracts
  • Exercising procedural actions for director liability and challenging corporate resolutions
  • Actions arising out of agency and distribution contracts
  • Unfair competition actions
  • Legal defence in administrative and judicial proceedings for industrial and intellectual property infringements.

Bankruptcy law and second chance

  • Advising companies in actual or imminent insolvency.
  • Advice to individuals on the fulfilment of the necessary requirements for the second chance benefits.
  • Legal direction of insolvency proceedings.
  • Advising on debt restructuring.
  • Legal aid in the qualification phase.

Real estate law

  • Comprehensive advice on the purchase and sale of real estate assets (homes, business premises, commercial establishments).
  • Drafting of rental contracts for housing and business premises.
  • Legal direction in proceedings for claims for construction defects and liability of the agents involved in the construction process.
  • Claims for non-compliance by the developer in the delivery of housing.
  • Legal direction in eviction proceedings and rent claims.

Banking law and consumer protection

  • Nullity of general contracting conditions: floor clauses, claiming mortgage expenses, IRPH, multi-currency mortgages, anatocism, etc.).
  • Trading of financial derivatives (swaps, paper clips, structured bonds, preference or subordinated shares, etc.).
  • Invalidity of contracts for the subscription of shares in financial institutions on the primary or secondary market on the grounds of misrepresentation or concealment of information.
  • Revolving cards and loans with unfair interest rates.
  • Inclusion of customers improperly in debt collection files.

Civil law

  • Claims for payment, payment order and exchange proceedings
  • Claims proceedings for professional liability, traffic accidents and medical negligence.
  • Separation and divorce proceedings.
  • Claims against travel agencies for non-compliance in the marketing of package holidays and airlines for cancellations, delays or loss of baggage.



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